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Hello! My name is Kate Buckius. I am a retired school teacher. I have taught elementary school students for over 30 years. I have a passion for teaching, and a great deal of experience and training in the areas of reading, writing and math. If you are looking for a tutor that enjoys working with students, particularly those who are struggling academically, It would be my pleasure to assist your child.

One to one coaching can be just what a student needs to begin working up to their potential. With consistent intervention, the student can grow in acquiring and applying new strategies. These applications inevitably lead to success and new confidence.

Education/Experience – Looking for a tutor is about finding a qualified coach

My educational background includes a B. A. degree in elementary education and a M. A. degree in learning disabilities and behavioral problems. I have served as a teacher, literacy coach, reading specialist and special education teacher over the past 30 years.

My teaching experience has been varied – 15 years in the private sector (Loyola Elementary School and Children’s Hospital) and 15 years of teaching experience working in the public schools of Denver, Colorado.


I love the flexibility being retired affords me. I have spent the last few years traveling, skiing, gardening and enjoying life.  In addition to being a tutor, I am a hospice volunteer and a photographer. I have also served as an intervention teacher and mentor at Kaiser Elementary School and Noel Middle School.

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Why is my child struggling at school?

There are many reasons students have a hard time performing academically:

• At school there are numerous distractions and disturbances which diminish learning.

• Some children lose interest in learning because they continually face problems at school and are unable to get their problems solved.

• Some students are shy or feel embarrassed about asking questions in the presence of other students.

One on one tutoring with a qualified academic coach can help your student to overcome any of these problems.

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