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“She is still partially proficient in writing,” explained our daughter’s teacher in mid September last year.  We had found out the same news when report cards came home in May.  We had worked on writing all summer with Isabelle in hopes of helping her.  She loves to read and has a vivid imagination, so we didn’t understand why writing would be a struggle.

Luckily, Kate did.  She met with Isabelle every week during 4th grade to break down the components of good writing.   They worked on writing to a prompt, persuasive writing, poetry, descriptive writing and research.  As a bonus to working with Kate, we noticed her spelling and handwriting improved dramatically.

Isabelle is in 5th grade now and getting glowing reports about her writing from her teacher.  She reads aloud her creations with pride and confidence to us.  Kate unlocked this for her.  As parents, we could not be more grateful!

Anne Desjardins, Isabelle’s mother, 303-733-7558, 11/1/13

” We heard about Kate through my daughter’s third grade teacher at Cory Elementary. She spoke so highly of her that we had to try her! During the several months that our daughter worked with Kate, she grew so much confidence! We came to Kate with some issues in reading, and by the end of our time with Kate we saw huge growth! Kate has a way of making children feel very comfortable and secure. Her soft, calm voice is just what our daughter needed to help take her to the next level! We highly recommend Kate!”

Elaina Grauer, Demi’s mother, 303-777-7760, 11/1/13

“Kate Buckius worked with my son Scott on reading and writing skills from the time he was in 1st grade through the end of 4th grade.  When asked, Scott says he fondly remembers “learning and playing educational games” with Kate.  She knows how to make learning fun, is genuinely interested in her students, gets to know them personally, and as a results can effectively meet their academic and social/emotional needs.  Additionally, Kate helped us interpret all the testing and educational jargon in his Individual Education Plan and had suggestions about how to help him feel successful at school and home.  When Scott began working with Kate he didn’t like to read, could barely put pencil to paper, resisted homework, and didn’t even enjoy being read aloud to. This year he reads chapter books from cover to cover, writes with more ease, gets his homework done with little complaint, and looks forward to listening to a good book.”

Cathy O. (teacher at Bromwell Elementary) and son Scott, 303-722-3161, 10/29/12

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Why is my child struggling at school?

There are many reasons students have a hard time performing academically:

• At school there are numerous distractions and disturbances which diminish learning.

• Some children lose interest in learning because they continually face problems at school and are unable to get their problems solved.

• Some students are shy or feel embarrassed about asking questions in the presence of other students.

One on one tutoring with a qualified academic coach can help your student to overcome any of these problems.

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