Philosophy – Home school tutoring and traditional after school tutoring

Homeschool Tutoring Student

After School Tutoring

It has been my experience that sometimes a student is not aware of his/her strengths.

A lack of confidence frequently results, and can stand in the way of optimal success in school. It is my belief that we all have deficits to overcome.

We learn to overcome these obstacles as we come to know ourselves, our strengths as well as our weaknesses, and our particular learning style.

Often, we use our strengths to help us work with and around our gaps. As we learn to do so, we improve in confidence as we meet more success.

Homeschool Tutoring

Homeschool students and parents can also benefit from coaching. Kate Buckius can offer support to parents who have chosen to homeschool their child, but may be uncertain how to best teach a certain skill or strategy. Homeschool tutoring can be aligned with the content and flow of the curriculum presented at home, so that a student’s new knowledge is being reinforced.

Assessing the student in a homeschool tutoring session can show acquisition of important skills and content. It can also point to areas of need, so that reteaching can happen in a timely fashion. Homeschool tutoring sessions can be scheduled at your convenience during the morning or afternoon hours of the week.

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Why is my child struggling at school?

There are many reasons students have a hard time performing academically:

• At school there are numerous distractions and disturbances which diminish learning.

• Some children lose interest in learning because they continually face problems at school and are unable to get their problems solved.

• Some students are shy or feel embarrassed about asking questions in the presence of other students.

One on one tutoring with a qualified academic coach can help your student to overcome any of these problems.

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